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What is Neighbor-2-Neighbor?

 What is it?

Community Exchange is a network of individual members, clinical partners and service organizations that share skills and services in a non-monetary exchange system. Members create caring and supportive social networks by exchanging services with people within our community. All members are valued equally for their talents, skills and time; the program depends on the collective contributions and commitment of members. Through the exchanges of time and talents, members make friends, get to know neighbors, address key community health issues and help create a vibrant community working together.

Our mission

We use the principles of TimeBanks USA (TM) to cultivate and sustain a supportive social network based on reciprocity and respect to improve the health and well-being of the community.

Our vision

An interdependent, interconnected Lehigh Valley that supports individual and community well-being.


Mission & Values of TimeBanks USA

TimeBanks USA was founded in 1995 and its central office is located in Washington D.C.  The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent. We are working with TimeBanks leaders across the US and internationally to strengthen and rebuild community, and use TimeBanks to achieve wide-ranging goals such as social justice, bridges between diverse communities, and local ecological sustainability.


We are all assets.

We all have something to give.

Redefining Work

Some work is beyond price.

Work has to be redefined to value whatever it takes to raise healthy children, build strong families, revitalize neighborhoods, make democracy work, advance social justice, make the planet sustainable. That kind of work needs to be honored, recorded and rewarded.


Helping works better as a two-way street.

The question: “How can I help you?” needs to change so we ask: “How can we help each other build the world we both will live in?”

Social Networks

We need each other.

Networks are stronger than individuals. People helping each other reweave communities of support, strength & trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, building trust, creating networks. Special relationships are built on commitment.


Every human being matters.

Respect underlies freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and everything we value. Respect supplies the heart and soul of democracy. When respect is denied to anyone, we all are injured. We must respect where people are in the moment, not where we hope they will be at some future point.